Kristy of Beady Delights

So my passion for beading began around 2011. I am not sure what really initiated the enthusiasm but the bead scavenging, organising and creating has driven the passion to what it is today. A key moment was when I ended up acquiring a cherished estate lot of beads, and boxes and boxes of beading magazines. I knew that the person who owned these before me loved them. I would sit down on the floor of my soon to be bead room (not that I knew it then) and would spread the magazines out so that I could see all the beautiful designs. I would then organise and categorise by title and in date order. Every little tag that stuck out I would peruse and wonder 'could I make that?'. I then came across a membership card of some description. What was BSV? Google had the answer! It was the Bead Society of Victoria. I then got in touch with the president at the time and attended my first meeting. I joined that day.

My first piece was a chevron stitch bracelet which was a class I attended. I then made another three of these. Since then I have attended expos, retreats and a variety of different classes. I knew that my addiction was growing. I decided then to start up my own bead business, what better way to satisfy my bead cravings! Well and also impart my addiction onto others (insert evil laugh).

I was going to say and the rest is history, but that's not true, the rest is ongoing, continuing and growing. Beading is a traditional process, a skilled art and therapy. Come along and join our journey.