Bead Trays
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Square Traveller Beading Trays


Travellers craft tray and padded lid.
9" x 9" (230mm x 230mm)

Ideal for the travelling header. Tray with Dilly Pads in the Lid. Made to fit in your shoulder bag.

Made exclusively by Silaba Crafts in the UK. Made with quality materials throughout.

The advantages
Keeps your craft work secure.
Quick and easy to pack away.
Keeping all your work in one place
The outer cushioned rim can be used as a pin cushion to hold threaded needles and also provides a handy wrist support.

To look after your tray
Store your tray upside down when not in use.
Keep away from liquids.
Dust your beading surface with a microfibre cloth.
Best not to leave objects like pliers on your tray as this can mark the pile.
Keep away from direct heat.

Registered Design

Colour Variation:
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